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Is the Era of Traditional M&A Brokerage Services Over?

In the past, the quest to find investors or buyers in foreign countries was a daunting challenge. Nowadays, the proliferation of social networks, video conferencing, and AI-driven translators has made it possible for anyone with a bit of time and effort to connect with potential partners anywhere in the world. With this new landscape, it begs the question: why would a client be willing to pay a retainer or even success fees for a mere introduction? When we launched Value Creation - Alternative, we initially believed it was a numbers game - the larger our database, and the more leads we could handle, the greater our chances of closing deals. Yet, we found ourselves trapped in a cycle akin to a fisherman continually expanding their nets, only to realize that the real challenge was the scarcity of fish.

So, what do our clients truly seek?

It's a complex question, as often, potential clients may not even be aware of the precise nature of their needs. In a sense, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift away from traditional M&A brokerage services by fostering the growth of remote workforces and encouraging decision-makers to embrace cross-border transactions.

At Value Creation - Alternative, we firmly believe that our clients are in search of value-added services, not just intermediation. This is why we are dedicated to developing unique "solutions" that are challenging to replicate, either due to the time investment required or because of barriers to entry, such as stringent regulatory compliance. Consequently, we are steering clear of conventional brokering services and transitioning towards a model where our extensive list of "Leads" shall gradually be replaced by a curated selection of "Projects."

In doing so, we aim to position Value Creation - Alternative as the go-to partner for delivering ongoing, value-added services.

Best Corporate Advisory Firm 2023

We are thrilled to share our latest achievement:

VC-A has been recognized as the “Best Corporate Advisory Firm 2023” in the UK by Wealth & Finance International, a renowned source of financial insights and news.

The Fund Awards 2023 by Wealth & Finance International is a prestigious annual program that celebrates excellence in the fund industry. It’s a merit-based evaluation that considers performance, innovation, quality, and client satisfaction. The winners, revealed in October 2023, have the chance to shine in front of Wealth & Finance International’s discerning readership.

This prestigious award from Wealth & Finance International reflects our unwavering dedication and excellence in providing top-tier corporate advisory services with a strong focus on fund management.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our valued clients for their trust and unwavering support. Our partners, your collaboration has been invaluable, and our VC-A Members, your hard work and passion are the driving force behind our success.

Congratulations to all the winners of the Fund Awards 2023 for their outstanding achievements. We’re excited to continue our mission of creating value for our clients and helping them achieve their goals.

Wealth & Finance Fund Awards 2023

VC-A invests in ICTTM

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone at VC-A as we have recently acquired a minority equity stake in the International Center for Trade Transparency & Monitoring (ICTTM).

ICTTM is on a mission to reshape the global trade landscape, making it more transparent, equitable, and efficient. With the utilization of cutting-edge technology, they are constructing a global trade ecosystem that prioritizes these values for all participants.

Click here for more information.

Funds Management

VC-A has launched the Axion Blue Program, which recompiles all VC-A Projects related to establishing regulated funds in Malta. In this newsletter, we highlight the following ongoing investment opportunities:
  • Debt and NPLs in Spain
  • Real Estate
  • Artwork and luxury goods
  • Listed financial instruments, commodities and derivatives
  • Technology-based startups

VC-A becomes an accredited member of the International Trade Council

We are proud to announce that we have received a certificate from the International Trade Council.
With this partnership, VC-A gains access to ITC's platform, which boasts a diverse membership spanning 1,732 industries across 179 countries, along with the involvement of over 14,000 investors. 
We will leverage this relationship to help our members develop their trading business by assisting them in financing trades and finding counter parties.

Mr. Sripad Gopala is promoted to Associate Director

Mr. Gopala joined the VC-A network in March 2018 as an oil & gas subject matter expert. An economist with an MBA in Oil and Gas Management, Sripad has considerable experience advising upstream project owners and doing business in Europe and Africa.
Sripad shall be instrumental to the development of VC-A's oil & gas projects in Nigeria.
Sripad is a business leader bringing over 25 years of experience in strategic planning, financing and management. He has founded and funded various energy businesses from the ground up both in Nigeria and the UK including IMRANDD and Cynthian Consulting.

CTIP-FII has got a new website

CTIP First Investment Inc. is the consulting arm of the Council for Trade and Investment Promotion (CTIP), a non-profit organization.
Some of VC-A's large project developments are channeled through the CTIP.
CTIP modus operandi is to monetise credit-enhanced securities such as sovereign guarantees, export credit guarantees, corporate bonds, standby letters of credit (SBLCs) and other financial guarantees.


In November 2023, we had 39,399 Contacts, 26,013 Companies and 1,229 VC-A Members in our database. We are now regrouping our Leads in Programs and have launched 5 VC-A Programs. Each Program comprises several Projects. At the time of this publication, we had 32 Buy-Sides, 12 Sell-Sides and 33 Fundraising Projects.
We are looking for a sponsor to acquire the code of our VC-A M&A Suite.
Epsilon will still be maintaining the core product but we will own the intellectual property of the source and have the freedom to customise it to our needs.

VC-A’s Ongoing Programs

VC-A ProgramProject IdTicketOverviewWho could be interested?
Axion Blue ProgramAxion Blue-XXX€100k to €100MSet up and invest in a series of funds in multiple verticals: startups, NPL, RE, securities, commodities... Fund Managers, HNWI, FO, Asset Managers, Portfolio Managers, Corporations, Investors, LPs and GPs.
Debt Raising ProgramSME Loans
Alternative Funding
Funding Source
€1MVC-A's Debt Raising Program is designed to facilitate and expedite the fundraising journey for our esteemed clients. Any company or new project developer looking to restructure or raise debt as part of a long term partnership with VC-A. No brokerage services.
Buy-Side ProgramVarious€5M -> €100MOur VC-A network regularly receives 10 to 30 new M&A acquisition requests every month across diverse sectors, aligning with our mid-market focus. We welcome collaboration with potential buyers seeking enduring partnerships with VC-A, rather than mere brokerage services. Please note that we will gradually phase out legacy buy-side mandates from our database.Large corporates, well-funded startups, private equities, trust and funds interested in establishing a long-term relationship with VC-A. The program suits well built-up strategies.
Holding Co. ProgramTBD€100k+The Hold Co. Program shall include the projects related to the creation of a holding structure in Malta in collaboration with Fiduscorp.Non-Maltese residents interested in setting up a Holding structure in Malta.
VC-A Business Development ProgramVC-A M&A Suite
Private Placement License
€30k+ - €1MThe VC-A Business Development Program recompiles the different fundraising projects aimed at developing the VC-A network.Open for VC-A Members only.
Credit Enhancement ProgramDirect Loans, Sovereign Fund, UK Licensed, US Based€10M to €100M+VC-A Credit Enhancement Program is the program overarching the multiple credit enhancement solutions offered EXCLUSIVELY to our VC-A MembersProject developers and owners seeking to leverage their capital up to 35 times through partnerships with VC-A Members
AI Adoption ProgramTBDTime and MaterialVC-A accompanies its clients throughout the entire life cycle of a successful AI transformational project.Large companies in all sectors and industries, especially born-analog companies and industry laggers challenged by born-digital new entrants.
You can download a blind list of VC-A leads here.

The Value Creation - Alternative Network

If you run a business, use this group to share ideas around new business development strategies, alternative sources of money, alternative growth strategies and new business models.

VC-A Members, Investors, Company Owners, CxOs, Directors and Managers are invited to join.

About Value Creation - Alternative

Value Creation – Alternative is a Strategy and Investment Advisory firm. We help companies to develop their business through acquisition and organic growth. We accompany our clients throughout the entire life cycle of their corporate development programme: strategy definition, target search, due-diligence, negotiation, transformation map, change management and digitalisation.

We are a worldwide network of more than 1,000 seasoned professionals with more than 35,000 contacts and have collectively advised M&A projects worth in excess of US$100B.

We support complex strategic and operational business decisions with deep analysis and robust processes. Our methodology is a combination of desk research, interviews and application of our internal know-how.

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