VC-A’s Data Privacy Policy

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in force since May 25, 2018. At VC-A, we know that both your data privacy and your time are important and have therefore updated our VC-A M&A Suite to comply with the new GDPR.

This policy describes what information we collect to operate VC-A. It also provides information about how we store, transfer, use and delete that information, and what choices you have with respect to the information.

This policy applies to the VC-A M&A Suite, including the website as well as other interactions you may have with VC-A.

Value Creation - Alternative Ltd. is registered at the Information Commissioner's Office under the reference number ZA808655 since the 17th day of November 2020. The certificate is in force until the 24th day of November 2023.

Data collection, processing and storage

VC-A is a corporate advisory firm. We provide M&A, fundraising and strategy consulting services. We are a business-to-business (B2B) organisation and will use your personal data only to provide professional services.

We merely collect contact data to enable us to reach out to the organisation you work with, or the ones that you could eventually introduce us to.

We need personal data to do our job, which consists of matching buyers with sellers, fundraisers with investors and job seekers with job openings.

We will never share personal data or sell them to third parties.

We will not use personal data to sell consumer products.

All data are stored in our VC-A M&A Suite, which is only accessible to VC-A Partners under a confidentiality agreement.

We process personal data differently depending on the type of Contact.

For VC-A Members
VC-A Members must opt-in to receive VC-A Communications. VC-A Members who choose to opt-out from all VC-A Communications will be removed from VC-A Network.

New VC-A Member’s data can be collected through our website using the Sign-Up form or introduced manually by one of our VC-A Partners.

Data introduced through our website are encrypted and secured by a Thawte SSL123 Certificate

For other contacts
Non-VC-A Members' data can be collected from public sources such as Linkedin, websites or from third-party databases.

From the 25th of May 2018 on,  Contacts have been asked to check the Opt-In option by e-mail once their record is created into the VC-A M&A Suite.

In each email communication, Contacts will receive a personal link to their record and have the right to:

  • View and modify their personal data online.
  • Define their mailing preferences (See Communication Streams below)
  • Opt-Out from all VC-A Communication
  • Be forgotten, which means that their data will be deleted if they are EU citizens.

Customisation of VC-A communications

Contacts registered in VC-A M&A Suite will have the possibility to change the following parameters to customise VC-A’s communications:

Communication Streams
To align VC-A communications with Contacts’ interests, we have created several communication streams. Communications can be segmented according to the following centres of interest:

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions, buy-side and sell-side
  2. Fundraising
  3. Job Opportunities, consulting
  4. Trading, commodities, real estate
  5. Locations (geographies)
  6. Newsletters, notifications

Interested in
VC-A interface allows Contacts to choose amongst the Communication Streams described above, those that they are most interested in. Contacts will receive privileged information on the Communication Streams that they have selected before others.

Do not send
The “Do not send” option allows Contacts to opt out from one or several Communication Streams.

The Opt-In option is an overarching option. Untick the Opt-In toggle box to stop receiving ALL communications from VC-A.

Right to be forgotten
By exercising the right to be forgotten, Contacts will favour larger companies that have the financial strength to do offline what we are doing online for a fraction of the cost. Ultimately, the off-line cost will be passed on to end customers and prices will go up.

Should Contacts wish their data to be deleted from our database anyway, they just have to check the “Right to be forgotten” toggle box and their data will be scheduled for deletion.


If you wish to receive more information about VC-A data privacy policy or check if we hold data on you, please submit an email request to

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