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Last update :18/10/2023


Value Creation - Alternative's network comprises close to 5 000 investors, of which, more than 60 have signed agreements to offer loans and credit enhancement services to VC-A 's clients based on a variety of criteria. Lenders' criteria vary depending on location, project type, transaction size, class of collateral, and other lender-specific requirements that would be too long to enumerate here.

We are always looking for new investors and uncovering out-of-the-box solutions. The following tables are an overview of VC-A funding capabilities based on a selection of criteria at the time of the last update of this page as stated above.

Please consider those tables as indicative only and subject to change.

Total amount of funding available per client by investment type and location

LocationE-commerce FinanceSupplier FinanceDebt FinanceReceivable FinanceAsset FinanceStock FinanceTrade FinancePrivate EquityPublic Stock Loans
United Kingdom£3m£10m£200m£800m£100m£20m£300m£150m>$1M
North America$3m$30m$250m$400m$100m$50m$300m$600m>$1M
except USA
Eastern Europe€40m€200m€200m>$1M except Russia
Rest of the World$30m$150m$150m>$1M except India, China, Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq

Tools used by VC-A to fund projects

Solution (tools)€1m - €5m€5m - €10m€10m - €20m€20m - €100m€100m - €400m> €400m
Financial instruments
Credit enhancement


PIF: Professional Investment Fund
AIF: Alternative Investment Fund
SPAC: Special Purpose Acquisition Company

Credit enhancement consists in pairing a low-credit-rated project with an asset-rich investor to build a stronger balance sheet that can, in turn, be used as acceptable collateral for a lender.

Some of our credit enhancement solutions

  • Financial guarantee: reinforce the borrower's balance sheet with restricted cash. The cash can only be used to repay a loan in case of default.
  • Insurance wrap: guarantee the service of the debt with an insurance guarantee.
  • Bond enhancement: upgrade a bond's credit rating to investment grade to make it "sellable" on the capital markets.
  • Fund setup: transfer non-cash assets into a regulated fund as an anchor equity investment to enable access to institutional investors.

Probability of Success

AAA: High
AA: Medium
A: Low

Solution (tools)Greenfield developmentConstructionSeries ASeries B, C...MBI/MBOM&AAsset Acquisition
Private EquityAAA-AAAA


MBI: Management Buy-In
MBO: Management Buy-Out
M&A: Merger and Acquisition

Next steps

If you are looking for funding, please send us the following documents to receive a free assessment of our ability to deliver and soft terms:

  1. Executive Summary of Operations
    1. Industry
    2. SWOT analyses
    3. 2-year financial overview (historical)
    4. Capital need
    5. 2-year financial projection overview (Based on capital infusion)
  2. Narrative of challenges and issues driving needs for investment
    1. Structural challenges
    2. Capital challenges
    3. Regulatory challenges
    4. Operating challenges
    5. Industry challenges


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