VC-A Autumn 2017 Newsletter

Will Paris become the heart of Europe?

With the UK drifting away in the wake of the Brexit, Germany tangled by immigration issues and Spanish politicians squabbling over Catalonia; London, Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona seem to be losing their appeal in favour of Paris.

Indeed, Paris, the city of light, will host the 2024 Olympic games, a demonstration to the world of unity and fraternity while at the same time, strength and eagerness to compete.

Three months ago, Paris inaugurated Station F, the world's biggest startup campus.

But in my opinion, the real tipping point will come with Emmanuel Macron's new labour code that will inject flexibility into too rigid an employment market in France.

The positive impact of the reform on unemployment will soon appease critics and make France a land of opportunity again.

And Paris will be at its heart, as always!


Value Creation - Alternative M&A Suite is now up and running. We have uploaded +21 000 companies, +28 000 contacts, of which +2 600 are investors. As I write this post, we are 1 092 VC-A Members, of which 900 are VC-A Agents.

VC-A Agents who which to access the VC-A M&A Suite can submitting a request by email to become VC-A Associates.

Note: candidates will be taken through an onboarding and compliance process.

Review VC-A's value proposition here.

To join VC-A as an Agent register on-line here.

Pre-IPO Platform

VC-A has reached an agreement with a new platform to trade unicorn shares on the secondary market.

Only sophisticated investors are invited to join the platform.
Currently, we have Airbnb, Lyft, Palantir, SpaceX and ZocDoc.
The platform offers both buy and sell sides a place to transact. If you are interested, please let us know.

The Value Creation - Alternative Network

If you run a business, use this group to share ideas around new business development strategies, alternative sources of money, alternative growth strategies and new business models.
VC-A Members, Investors, Company Owners, CxOs, Directors and Managers are invited to join.

CTIP organises training school for international business

The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion (CTIP), a non-profit organisation, is in partnership with some strategic investors and formed a Training School named the American School for International Business (ASIB), offering Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program in such courses as “International Trade, Finance and Public-Private-Partnership (PPP).”

VC-A and Voirin team up in Alsace, France

VC-A and Voirin Conseil en Management have reached an agreement to go-to-market joinly in Alsace, France.
VC-A shall be offering Digitalisation Strategy services to uncover new technology-enabled business models, whereas Voirin shall be implementing the strategy.
Solutions shall include but not be limited to Mobility Strategy, Collaborative Business Models, IoT, Industry 4.0, PSP, ERP, CRM, BPM, BI, 3D Printing, PMI, Drones, Weareables, Smartcontracts, Renewable Energies, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, AI, Augmented/Mixed Reality, Oculus...

PMI Strategy for acquiring a company

PMI Strategy, the acronym for Post Merger Integration Strategy, is one of the most difficult conundrum for buyers of companies.
The choice of the PMI Strategy is conditioned by two factors:
  1. The strategic interdependence factor and,
  2. The organizational autonomy factor

To choose the best PMI Strategy, Acquirers need first to score those two factors.


About Value Creation - Alternative

Value Creation – Alternative is a Strategy and Investment Advisory firm. We help companies to develop their business through acquisition and organic growth. We accompany our clients throughout the entire life cycle of their corporate development programme: strategy definition, target search, due-diligence, negotiation, transformation map, change management and digitalisation.
We are a worldwide network of more than 1,000 seasoned professionals with more than 45,000 contacts and have collectively advised M&A projects worth in excess of US$100B.
We support complex strategic and operational business decisions with deep analysis and robust processes. Our methodology is a combination of desk research, interviews and application of our internal know how.

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