VC-A Summer 2018 Newsletter

New global trading opportunities?

In 2018, the World Trade Organisation is forecasting trade growth between 2.1% and 4% amid policy uncertainty. The lack of clarity about governments action on monetary, fiscal and trade policies and a growing anti-globalisation trend in Europe may eventually be a windfall for witty entrepreneurs
New trade routes will emerge to circumvent President Trump's trade war.
It should come as no surprise that European and Asian countries will look at ways to tighten up their relationships in an effort to off-set the downsize effect of US protectionism.
If you are thinking of establishing an import-export trading platform between Asia and Europe, get in touch with us to see how our credit enhancement solutions could help you secure the funding necessary to meet your working capital requirements.

Cédric Bérard

Mr. Cédric Bérard joins as a VC-A Associate Director

Mr. Cédrid Bérard has recently been promoted from VC-A Agent to VC-A Associate Director.

Mr. Bérard is an expert in Infrastructures and Energy.

Mr. Bérard speaks English, French and Spanish. He got his MBA from the London Business School and owns a Master's degree in Political Economy from the University of Oxford.

Click here to see Mr. Cédrid Bérard's CV

VC-A partners with TAE Europa

Value Creation - Alternative and TAE Europa have signed a partnership agreement to collaborate on M&A transactions in Europe.
TAE Europa is an independent M&A boutique focusing on small to mid-sized transactions.
TAE Europa is specialised in the food and beverage industry. Their industry knowledge in many agro-related like bakery and agricultural land is second to none.

The objective of the partnership is to develop an industry expertise to help foreign investors - mainly from Asia - establish a foothold in the European market through build-up programmes.

VC-A partners with Tryfunds

Value Creation - Alternative has reached an agreement with Tryfunds to collaborate on Nippon-European deals.

Tryfunds is a corporate advisory firm located in Tokyo, Japan. They have recently launched an M&A platform, BIZIT M&A to match buy-sides with sell-sides.

The objective of the agreement is to lure Japanese investors into the European market through build-up programmes and to offer them post-merger integration advisory services.


In order to be GDPR compliant, we have updated our VC-A M&A Suite to match our Data Privacy Policy.

On the 18th day of June 2018, we were 1 126 VC-A Members and had 5 612 companies tagged as "Investor" loaded onto the Suite. The total number of companies was 24 451 and the total number of contacts, 37 537.
VC-A Agents who wish to access the VC-A M&A Suite can submitting a request by email to become VC-A Associates.

Note: candidates will be taken through an onboarding and compliance process.

Review VC-A's value proposition here.

To join VC-A as an Agent register online here.

What is "Nonlinearity"?

"Nonlinearity" refers to something that is "not linear." This is obvious, but since the implicit structure of our words often reveals hidden habits of mind, it is useful to reflect briefly on some tacit assumptions. Like other members of a large class of terms, "nonlinear" indicates that the norm is what it negates. Words such as periodic or asymmetrical, disequilibrium or non-equilibrium are deeply rooted in a cultural heritage that stems from the classical Greeks. The underlying notion is that "truth" resides in the simple (and thus the stable, regular, and consistent) rather than in the complex (and therefore the unstable, irregular, and inconsistent).

The result has been an authoritative guide for our Western intuition, but one that is idealised and liable to mislead us when the surrounding world and its messy realities do not fit this notion. An important basis for confusion is the association of the norm not only with simplicity but with obedience to rules and thus with expected behaviour—which places blinders on our ability to see the world around us. Nonlinear phenomena are thus usually regarded as recalcitrant misfits in our catalogue of norms, although they are actually more prevalent than phenomena that conform to the rules of linearity. This can seriously distort perceptions of what is central and what is marginal.
Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating
Christophe’s article on New Trading Opportunities illustrates the vast opportunities arising from our new macro disorder, we are entering a non-linear environment.

The Value Creation - Alternative Network

If you run a business, use this group to share ideas around new business development strategies, alternative sources of money, alternative growth strategies and new business models.

VC-A Members, Investors, Company Owners, CxOs, Directors and Managers are invited to join.

What exactly is the GDPR?

Considered the most important development in data privacy regulation in two decades, the General Data Protection Regulation or GPDR has taken effect on May 25, 2018. The regulation was up for debate for four years before it was approved in 2016, with the enforcement date set this year. This means that organizations who failed to comply within two years may face heavy fines.

Source: Courtesy of law firm LoganInjury
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Some of VC-A current opportunities

OpportunityIdTicketOverviewWho could be interested?
Axion Blue SuiteAxion Blue-XXX€100k to €100MSet up and invest in a series of funds in multiple verticals: startups, NPL, RE, securities, commodities... Fund Managers, HNWI, FO, Asset Managers, Portfolio Managers, Corporations, Investors
Asset Backed LoansBond Monetisation€3M+ or 3% of Bond FVWe are looking for asset-backed projects and equity investors to issue and monetise bonds for loans in excess of €20M. New project developers, construction companies and asset managers with cash available in excess of €3M willing to finance large projects and/or monetise existing assets
Digital BankDiginacria€7.5M -> €100MA well-established and popular German fintech company is looking to raise up to EUR 7.5m in expansion capital to become the largest fintech bank based in Europe’s single currency area with a truly global reach. Additional assets can be included to build up a strong balance sheet and move into market-makingUHNWI, security traders, VC/PE specialised in fintechs, banks, and financial institutions
Non Performing LoansNPL Fund€5M -> €100MValue Creation - Alternative is looking for investors to set up a regulated non-performing loans fund to acquire bad consumer debt in the kingdom of SpainDistressed funds, hedge funds, HNWI, UHNWI, financial institutions, bad debt recovery entities
Foreign ExchangeFX and Trade Finance€5M -> €100MWe structure finance solutions for international trades involving currency exchange and supplier creditsImport-export agencies, trading companies, lenders
Regulated Funds ManagementCrypto-PIF€5M -> €100MLooking for a partner investor to set up a regulated professional investment fund (PIF) in Malta to raise money through tokenizationEstablished and would-be fund managers, non-EU banks and financial institutions, companies looking to raise funding from institutional investors
CybersecurityAlibaba>€5MWe are looking for European companies serving data-dependent industries willing to swap shares with a US company listed on Nasdaq and offer our IP protected cybersecurity softwareSystem integrators, IT services companies, consulting firms, VC and PE in IT companies looking for an exit
M&A and FundraisingVC-A M&A Suite€250k+We are looking for Strategic Partners and Investors to help us develop VC-A solutions through JV and alliancesHNWI, UHNWI, M&A boutiques, hedge funds, VC/PE, FOs, consulting firms, investment banks
Unicorn StartupsPre-IPO€100k+We trade unicorn shares on the secondary market. Currently on screen: Flexport, Rubrik (Shares owned directly), Kraken (Shares owned directly), BitPay (Shares in an SPV), Eat Just (Shares owned in an SPV), Udemy (Shares owned directly) etc. from $100k investment upMass-affluents, HNWI, UHNWI, hedge funds
You can download a blind list of VC-A leads here.

About Value Creation - Alternative

Value Creation – Alternative is a Strategy and Investment Advisory firm. We help companies to develop their business through acquisition and organic growth. We accompany our clients throughout the entire life cycle of their corporate development programme: strategy definition, target search, due-diligence, negotiation, transformation map, change management and digitalisation.
We are a worldwide network of more than 1,000 seasoned professionals with more than 45,000 contacts and have collectively advised M&A projects worth in excess of US$100B.
We support complex strategic and operational business decisions with deep analysis and robust processes. Our methodology is a combination of desk research, interviews and application of our internal know how.

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