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GDPR law will be a double whammy to M&A practitioners

Unless you do not use emails, you should by now have been spammed by a large number of messages asking you to “opt-in” to keep on receiving marketing material from the issuer. This jocose incongruity highlights only one of the many loopholes of the GDPR law, whose original intention was to reduce the number of...

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PMI Strategy: Preservation, Symbiosis, Holding, Absorption

PMI Strategy, the acronym for Post Merger Integration Strategy, is one of the most difficult conundrum for buyers of companies. Indeed, there is enough evidence in the literature showing that acquiring companies actually destroys value. Then, why not challenge buyers on their real reasons for engaging in an acquisition process? Note that I am not...

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Private Equity in a Changing World – key takeaways from XVIII ASCRI congress 2017

Private Equity in a changing world For those who did not have a chance to attend the XVIII ASCRI Congress about Private Equity in a changing world, I have summarised in this post my personal intakes. Risk Capital is rebranded Growth Capital The Association rebranded itself “Asociación Española de Capital Crecimiento e Inversiones” to avoid...

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