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Webinar – Introduction to VC-A’s Services, 21 July 2022

In this webinar, Ms Erin Spiropoulos introduces Value Creation - Alternative's services and the speakers, Mr Christophe Schwoertzig, founder and managing director for VC-A, and Mr Paul Leitao, VC-A's fixed income expert. Mr Schwoertzig describes Value Creation - Alternative's ecosystem as it stands on the 21st of July of 2022: The SICAV The crypto...

Polyclinique de l'Amitié et de l'Alliance

Polyclinique de l’Amitié et de l’Alliance

Value Creation - Alternative is proud to broadcast below the video of the Polyclinique de l'Amitié et de l'Alliance project, the development of a hospital in Senegal that we are currently funding in collaboration with the Council for Trade and Investment Promotion and its consulting arm, CTIP First Investment Inc. We are looking for...

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