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VC-A Winter 2020 Newsletter

Is your smartphone your worst nemesis? We now spend one day every week online. We love so much the intimacy of our smartphone that the limits between our private and our public life are blurred. The feeling of security is magnified by reputable organizations like banks and public organisations implementing Google-like 2-Step Verification applications....

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IoT Solutions World Congress 2019

We attended the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona on the 29, 30 and 31st of November 2019. We met up the following organisations to identify potential clients for our fundraising platform: TIPE.PT, EIC Accelerator, Clúster Digital de Catalonia, Clúster ICT Logroño, CONETIC, Fundingbox, AD’OCC, Ateknea Solutions, Minalogic… Our value proposition is simple: set...

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