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Why join Value Creation – Alternative ?

If you have an interest in M&A, fundraising or strategy consulting, you ought to consider joining Value Creation – Alternative (VC-A). Why VC-A, you ask? Being deeply immersed in the values of VC-A, I occasionally forget that not everyone is fully acquainted with the multitude of benefits our organisation offers to its members. Allow me...

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VC-A 2023 Newsletter

Is the Era of Traditional M&A Brokerage Services Over? In the past, the quest to find investors or buyers in foreign countries was a daunting challenge. Nowadays, the proliferation of social networks, video conferencing, and AI-driven translators has made it possible for anyone with a bit of time and effort to connect with potential partners...

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VC-A 2022 Newsletter

Now that we found war... ...what are we gonna do with it? Where secessionists advocate disharmony and division, we look for build-ups and offer post-merger integration services. Where fanatics and extremists spread fake news, we team up with regulated entities for more transparency. Where warmongers bellow propaganda, we uncover ESG solutions to improve people's health...

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