VC-A Webinar

Webinar – Introduction to VC-A’s Services, 21 July 2022

In this webinar, Ms Erin Spiropoulos introduces Value Creation - Alternative's services and the speakers, Mr Christophe Schwoertzig, founder and managing director for VC-A, and Mr Paul Leitao, VC-A's fixed income expert.

Mr Schwoertzig describes Value Creation - Alternative's ecosystem as it stands on the 21st of July of 2022:

  • The SICAV
  • The crypto ecosystem
  • The network of independent financial advisors (IFAs)
  • The securitisation platform
  • The IPO platform
  • The Public-Private Partnerships

Mr Paul  Leitao drills down into the debt  platform and explained 3 types of debt:

  • Cashflow debt
  • Asset-based debt
  • Unsecured debt

The session ends with Q&A.

Close to 100 people registered for that webinar.

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