Why join Value Creation – Alternative ?

If you have an interest in M&A, fundraising or strategy consulting, you ought to consider joining Value Creation – Alternative (VC-A).

Why VC-A, you ask?

Being deeply immersed in the values of VC-A, I occasionally forget that not everyone is fully acquainted with the multitude of benefits our organisation offers to its members. Allow me to remedy this oversight with a comprehensive overview.

From an external perspective, many of you may have encountered the standard pitch:

Value Creation – Alternative (VC-A) is a Strategy and Investment Advisory firm. We help companies develop their business through acquisitions, organic growth and digitalization.

We accompany our clients throughout the entire life cycle of their corporate development programme: strategy definition, target search, due diligence, negotiation, transformation map, change management and digitalization.
We are a worldwide network of more than 1,200 seasoned professionals with more than 35,000 contacts and have collectively advised M&A and fundraising projects worth more than US$100B.

We support complex strategic and operational business decisions with deep analysis and robust processes. Our methodology is a combination of desk research, interviews and application of our internal know-how.

But what really happens inside VC-A?
Why should someone be interested in joining VC-A?

Let’s delve into the “who” aspect before further exploration.

Who should be joining Value Creation – Alternative?

The exciting news is that virtually anyone can find a meaningful role within VC-A. In a spirit of inclusivity, even our competitors are welcome to join and contribute their expertise to shape the ‘other side’ of M&A and Fundraising deals. At VC-A, we believe in fostering collaboration and diverse perspectives to collectively drive success in the dynamic landscape of value creation.

We are organised as a Pyramid:

Value Creation - Alternative Membership Structure


In the realm of brokering M&A and Fundraising deals, it’s not so much about who you are, but rather, who you know.

If you possess the skills to navigate the internet and can read and write in English, you’re more than welcome to join VC-A as a broker and introduce potential clients. As a broker, your role is pivotal, and you earn a commission typically amounting to 10% of VC-A success fees. Join us, and let’s build valuable connections and successful partnerships together.

VC-A Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Share your expertise with us, and we’ll endeavour to align you with Strategy Consulting missions that match your skills.

For SMEs looking to contribute to these missions, the process involves submitting a CV and showcasing top-tier academic credentials. We value excellence and are committed to assembling a team of experts who bring diverse skills and knowledge to our Strategy Consulting endeavors. Join us in delivering high-quality solutions to our clients.

VC-A Industrial Partners

If you represent a company with services that can aid others in business development, bear in mind that this aligns seamlessly with VC-A’s mission. We are dedicated to facilitating the growth of businesses, and your expertise can play a crucial role in realizing this mission. Join us at VC-A, where collaboration and mutual growth are at the heart of what we do.

VC-A Investors

Finances are the lifeblood of progress. At VC-A, we are continuously seeking new avenues for funding to fuel our endeavours. Your support and contributions play a vital role in driving our mission forward. Join us in the pursuit of financial opportunities that empower innovation and growth within the VC-A community.

VC-A Agents

Empower your role in VC-A and elevate your engagement by becoming a VC-A Agent.

As a VC-A Agent, you’ll play a pivotal role in managing relationships with contacts you introduce. This exciting opportunity may involve executing non-disclosure agreements and leveraging your industry expertise to navigate and enhance client relationships.

VC-A Agents gain exclusive access to privileged information on non-public operations and enjoy a personalized login to explore a curated list of blind opportunities within the VC-A network. Join us and take your involvement in VC-A to the next level.

VC-A Associate Directors

To reach the position of VC-A Associate Director, aspiring individuals must initiate their journey as a VC-A Agent. This path entails undergoing our thorough interview and compliance process. As a general guideline, only 1 out of 20 Agents requesting promotion successfully navigate the stringent compliance procedures.

Upon achieving the title of VC-A Associate Director, you gain the authority to operate under the esteemed VC-A brand. This prestigious role comes with exclusive privileges, including access to the comprehensive list of VC-A opportunities, complete with the names of associated contacts. Join us and elevate your status within the VC-A community.

VC-A Partners

Advancement within VC-A is a strategic journey, and the pathway to becoming a VC-A Partner involves first achieving the distinguished role of VC-A Associate Director.

Elevating to the esteemed position of VC-A Associate Director is a significant milestone on the way to becoming a VC-A Partner. It is a testament to your dedication and expertise within the VC-A community.

Upon attaining the coveted status of VC-A Partner, you unlock exclusive privileges, gaining access to the VC-A M&A Suite. This specialized suite provides valuable insights and tools for navigating mergers and acquisitions within the VC-A network. Additionally, as a VC-A Partner, you actively contribute to shaping VC-A’s Business Development Strategy, ensuring your voice is heard in the strategic decisions that drive our collective success.

Join the ranks of VC-A Partners and play a pivotal role in influencing the future of VC-A.


Why should one be joining Value Creation – Alternative?

There is a plethora of reasons why one should be joining VC-A but for the sake of brevity, let’s focus on seven key highlights:

  1. It is free to join VC-A
  2. VC-A Members are world-class professionals
  3. VC-A’s collaborative philosophy is antithetical to the way traditional Investment Bankers work
  4. VC-A leverages best-in-class technology tools
  5. VC-A’s compliance procedures allay scammers, fraudsters and time wasters
  6. VC-A sprawls across the five continents
  7. No minimum commitment is required but the sky is the limit

1- It is free to join VC-A

The magic word is “FREE”! Take a moment to relax and register online by following this link: [Registration Link].

While joining VC-A is free, it’s essential to note that leaving is also free. Although instances are extremely rare, individuals who don’t embrace a collaborative attitude or exhibit unethical behaviour are kindly asked to exit the VC-A community. We value a culture of integrity and collaboration, ensuring a positive environment for all

2- VC-A Members are world-class professionals

I am proud to share that I founded VC-A in 2002, leveraging the extensive network I cultivated during my MBA at the IESE Business School and the London Business School. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, the majority of our VC-A Members are distinguished graduates from top-tier MBA programs or hold a PhD.

Our community thrives on the rich experience of seasoned professionals, with the majority boasting over 10 years of valuable work experience garnered at renowned blue-chip companies. Join VC-A and be part of a network driven by expertise, innovation, and success.


3- VC-A’s collaborative philosophy is antithetical to the way traditional Investment Bankers work

To my knowledge, VC-A is the only organisation willing to open up its database to its customers and to share its best practices collaboratively. Click here to see how our Value Proposition to VC-A Members blurs the distinction between clients and suppliers.

4- VC-A leverages best-in-class technology tools

VC-A is a fintech company. We are 100% digital. Join as a VC-A Agent and request an online demonstration of our VC-A M&A Suite:

VC-A M&A Suite Dashboard

5-VC-A’s compliance procedures allay scammers, fraudsters and time wasters

At VC-A, we prioritize the integrity of our community. Therefore, all VC-A Members undergo a thorough compliance process. We’ve crafted an in-house procedure designed to minimize the risks associated with scammers, fraudsters, and time-wasters. For obvious reasons, we cannot divulge specific details, but if you’re interested in learning more about our commitment to security, check out this related post:

Gold refining. How to avoid scammers, fraudsters, smugglers and bandits

6- VC-A sprawls across the five continents

At VC-A, our primary focus is on cross-border transactions, and our mission is to pinpoint international counterparties for our members. With a global network exceeding 1,000 VC-A Members, our community is strategically positioned all over the world. Join us to leverage this extensive reach and tap into a diverse pool of opportunities for successful cross-border transactions.

Map of VC-A Members' Location
Map of VC-A Members’ Location


7-No minimum commitment is required, but the sky is the limit

At VC-A, we believe in freedom and flexibility. There are no minimum objectives to meet, no commitments to fulfill, and no obligations to work, unless you choose to take on an assignment.

However, it’s important to note that proactive involvement is key to reaping the rewards. At VC-A, you get out what you put in. If you’re not proactive, you might miss out on sharing in the profits. VC-A Members are encouraged to take an active role; otherwise, they may find themselves more suited to traditional employment elsewhere.

With a surplus of opportunities at our fingertips and a collaborative minimum success fee of USD 300k, the potential is limitless. Join VC-A, where your proactive engagement can lead to boundless success.


See a blind list of selected VC-A opportunities here.



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