Piggybacking on Saudi Vision 2030 to raise funding

Like most governments in the world, the Saudi Government has launched a set of programs and reforms to be implemented by 2030. The Saudi 2030 vision is ambitious and some of the initiatives consist in deploying strategic partnership programs with the private sector to fuel the national transformation of the kingdom.

In collaboration with a Middle East investment firm licensed by the Capital Market Authority, we have the opportunity to fund up to 100% of new projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the view to developing the business in the greater MENA region countries.

Applicants will have to establish a joint-venture in Saudi Arabia with a local private equity fund managed by the Middle East investment firm and develop a project with the following characteristics:

  • Investment from $5M upward. No upper limit
  • Use of funds: manufacturing, industrial production, production of goods
  • Sectors: renewables, clean energy, construction, automotive, aerospace, agriculture, fishing, farming, new technologies...
  • Technology needs to be proven (no new patents or funky IPs)
  • The Applicant needs to be an established company. No early-stage startups
  • Demand needs to be secured with executed purchase agreements or a proven sales track record

We are not looking for break-through business models, just for workable solutions that can boost Saudi Arabia's economy and generate jobs locally.

In exchange, the successful Applicant will receive 100% of the funds required to develop his venture. 

The new venture will be exempt from paying corporate taxes for a period of 10 years (or more).

The Candidate needs to be ready to send a team to Saudi Arabia to transfer the technology and/or govern the implementation and operate the business. Command of the English language is a must.

VC-A will vet applications for free. If criteria are met, we will charge a retainer and a success fee based on the funds raised to prepare the application and present it to the Middle East firm. We can accompany the Applicant throughout the entire development of the project if required.

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