Brexit: the British have not regrets….

From continental Europe, some people may think that the British are repentant for voting in favour of the Brexit.

Hum…! They are not.

British people's opnion on Brexit, after the Vote

According to the poll, the percentage of people thinking that leaving the EU is the right decision remains constant over time.

… but believe it or not, the Brexit is going to hurt

According to the Deutsch Bank, close to 45% of the UK exports go to the European Union, 3 times more than to the USA, whereas only slightly more than 5% of EU exports end up in the UK.

Relative importance of markets to UK exporters

I am not an economy pundit but in M&A, when a corporate wants to spin-off a business unit, as a rule of thumb, the % of functions and assets that overlap should account for less than 20% of the overall business to divert for the transaction to be successful.

If more than 40% overlap, the divestment is bound to fail, resulting most probably in the bankruptcy of the spin-off and in huge losses from the parent company.

Fortunately for the UK and for the European Community, the dynamics of countries are different from corporates, otherwise, many more countries would have already gone bankrupt.

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