Fundraising showroom in Catalunya

On the 15th day of May, Acció organised a showroom to present six sources of funding:

  1. Ecrowd
  2. Novicap
  3. ENISA
  4. Muzinich & Co
  5. Integra Capital
  6. Institut Català de Finances

For those who did not have a chance to attend the meeting, here is the elevator pitch of their investment criteria. More information can be found on their respective websites:


Ticket around €200k. Crow lending process. Particularly suited for communities looking for self-funding such as schools, small villages etc…


Factoring, confirming-type credit lines from €50k to €10 million with an interest rate of around 2.4%. Most of the debt accepted as collateral comes from public entities.


Convertible debt to startups and consolidaded companies to complement equity.

Do not ask for guarantees but own funds need to be greater than the debt.

Ticket from €25k to €1.5m.

Have a VC philosophy: business plan needs to be:

  • Viable
  • Innovative
  • Show growth potential
  • Commitment from the stakeholders

Muzinich & Co

Global direct lender with $35 B of AuM.

An alternative to raising equity.

Mainly corporate credit but also private debt.

  • Ticket from €5 to €50 million
  • Term from 5 to 7 years
  • Interests from 6 to 10% – bullet

Work mainly with VC/PE funds.

Integra Capital

Venture capital targeting industrial SME with a turnover of around €2 to €3 million. Board seat.

Institut Català de Finances

Funding through credits. Sources are European funds and public aids.

An alternative and a complement to traditional banking.

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