Investment Forum 2019 : Hong Kong – Barcelona

A lot of material - event videos of the event - can be found on the website of acciò so I will limit myself in this blog to disclose the name of the Startups I voted for.

Please bear in mind that I voted based on the elevator pitch only, which in some cases was not clear enough. More detailed information about the startups can be downloaded at the end of this blog.

Company nameShort business description
Barner VenturesManufacturer of glasses to protect screen users from toxic blue lights
Berdac Smart ServicesSmart drug dispenser
Biel GlassesEnhanced glasses for slow vision
Go Pure DigitalTailored healthy nutrition
Cube Technology InnovationFood advisory
InnolappsApp to talk to a psychiatrist
Rheo DiagnosticsBlood diagnosis

I voted for Rheo Diagnostics.

Company nameShort business description
Airning AirclaimsHandling airlines' customer claims
Airplane Solutions?
Aktek LabsInformation for special regions
MusicList Discover music
RobinBrickAI to optimise sales at the POS
ArtAndAbout (Shivver)Performing arts
Work WildBetter workplace with cultural automation

I voted for RobinBrick.

Company nameShort business description
Asgard SpaceConnects satellites
Hashed BlocktacUse of blockchain to check if a drug is legit
Kibus PetcareNespresso for pets
Sec2SkyDetect drones
Venvirotech BiotechnologyManufacturing of Bioplastics
X1 WindFloating wind farms
Musical InstrumentsMusical instruments made of carbon fibre

I voted for X1 Wind... and would have also voted for Venvirotech if I had two voting rights.

Please, get it touch to understand the rationale behind my choices.

And the winners were:

Life Science

  • Barner
  • Biel Glasses
  • Rheo Dx



  •  Airning airclaims
  • Shivver
  • Work Wild



  • Kibus
  • Venvirotech
  • X1 Wind


And the ultimate winner was... Venvirotech Biotechnology



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