IV Prix Entrepreneur Tech Barcelone 2019

On the 4th of July 2019, Mr Philippe Saman, General Manager for the French Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona gave the IV Prize for Tech Entrepreneurship to startup Trucksters.

The finalists were:

Company descriptionComments
BraincitiesExtremely poor pitch. The audience did not get the value proposition.
CoinscrapIn my opinion, Coinscap should have been the winner. The market potential is huge and the go-to-market strategy brilliant.
Emotions ARCould have been cool if we had seen a demonstration.
Foot AnalyticsYet another of those. Could be, but few will survive.
KibusI struggle to see a demand for that product. A dog is NOT a human being.
LocalooI would put this one on the podium. To be watched.
Pricing hubThird on the podium. A very interesting concept around price elasticity. Could be a killer if implemented well.
TruckstersAnd the winner is... The pitch was best, but the addressable market too narrow to expect a unicorn.

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