Smart City Expo 2017 – VC-A Opportunities

During the Smart City Expo 2017, we discussed the following opportunities:

CompanyOpportunity Description
Construcciones y Auxiliar de FerrocarrilesMonetisation of Iranian sovereign guarantees
Universidad Rey Juan CarlosInnovations in renewable energies
ATech Elektronika d.o.o.Build-up programme to grow throughout Europe
Evolution EuropePartnership agreement to offer H2020 funding and tax incentives
Asociación Multisectorial de EmpresasFunding of international expansion programmes for mid-sized industrial companies
IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Funding for infrastructure projects
Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior (ICEX)Funding for international companies looking to settle in Spain
ConnecthingsBusiness development of IoT based platform in the Middle East
UrbaserFunding for international waste management projects
Terberg Ros Roca GroupFunding for waste collection projects
Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos S.A.Steal trading credit facility
Actua Invest in AndorraCredit enhancement of public-private partnership projects in Andorra
Acció - Generalitat de CatalunyaInnovation and Intelectual Property
EnergikaEnergy efficiency - Trading facilities
Cloud YachtsBusiness development of an IoT based innovation for the boating industry
TorrotFunding of a proprietary fleet of electric motorbikes for rental purposes
EptisaFunding of infrastructure projects
PaschBusiness development of electric stations fueled with natural gas for electric cars and dwellings
Vip2zipBlockchain solution for green cryptocurrencies
Aliter GroupFunding for renewable projects

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