XXXIII Foro Capital Pymes – 33rd SME Capital Forum

On the 5th day of February, VC-A attended the 3rd SME Capital Forum.

The forum was organised by Foro Capital Pymes and showcased 10 companies looking for funding in the following industries:

Company descriptionAmount sought
Eye protection solution for screen displays€3 000 000
Plastic melding company€1 000 000
IoT solution for healthcare centers€2 500 000
P2P Real Estate market place €500 000
Booths design and building company €2 000 000
Post-surgery solution to prevent the development of metastases€650 000
Sport clothing retailer€800 000
Power generators using plants' photosynthesis€650 000
Machine Learning software for POS marketing€600 000
Cloud infrastructure provider€1 000 000




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