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PMI Strategy: Preservation, Symbiosis, Holding, Absorption

PMI Strategy, the acronym for Post Merger Integration Strategy, is one of the most difficult conundrum for buyers of companies. Indeed, there is enough evidence in the literature showing that acquiring companies actually destroys value. Then, why not challenge buyers on their real reasons for engaging in an acquisition process? Note that I am not...

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Tightening up relationships with Italian universities and businesses

VC-A’s managing director, Christophe Schwoertzig and VC-A Member, Kerem Gurses, met in Rome on the 11th day of April 2017 to discuss alternative ways of developping transactions with Italian universities and businesses. Kerem is professor of Organisation Theory at leading Italian Luiss University and former Strategic Lecturer at ESCI Barcelona. Christophe and Kerem discussed digital...

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